Questions To Ask When Buying An Slr Digital Camera

In a world of low-priced cameras, it is good to know that are also options for people who take their photography seriously, but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a camera. For these photography “purists”, there are SLR Digital Cameras. SLR means Single-Reflex

Camera and the digital versions of these cameras allow the individual to take high-quality pictures using a variety of different lens types.

The following are some important questions that every one considering a digital SLR camera should ask before making this exciting purchase.

Auto-Focus or Manual Focus?

Auto focus SLR cameras provide you with a tremendous amount of convenience when it comes time to snap your picture. However, there are several drawbacks to auto-focus cameras, including:

• Auto focus systems are run by electronics, which can fail you at the worst possible time

• Auto focus cameras burn through batteries faster than manual focus models

• Auto focus cameras can be noisy

• Sometimes the lasers that control auto focus lenses see things differently than they human eye

Individuals who like additional control and customization options may wish to choose a manual focus camera. Manual focus SLR cameras allow the user to control shutter speed, aperture and the zoom focus features. Disadvantages of manual focus cameras include the steeper learning curve and the additional time it takes to properly set up each shot.

Can you auto-preview pictures with a digital SLR camera?

Yes. Digital SLR cameras offer all of the convenient features found in standard digital cameras, including the ability to preview pictures on the camera’s screen, cycle through photos and delete unwanted images and easily transfer photos onto a memory card or computer.

What are the Most Important SLR Camera Accessories to Buy?

Everyone who takes their camera on the road with them should have an extra battery always on hand. (NOTE: Be sure to keep your spare battery properly charged at all times.) Also, a neck strap helps you keep your camera handy while on the go. Finally, a tripod is a great choice for anyone who plans on taking posed or stationary pictures with their Digital SLR.

What are Gray Market Cameras?

When you a buy a Digital SLR camera online or at a traditional camera store, you will either be purchasing a gray market or warranty-covered camera. Both are the actual manufacturer’s product, but gray market cameras are generally not covered by a warranty (and are less expensive as a result).

How much do Digital SLR Cameras Cost?

Digital SLR cameras are available at a wide variety of price points, from $400 to $5000. The price of the camera depends upon the features included and the zoom capability of the lenses. Price may also be dictated by the lens package included.

How much Memory is Required?

Although the amount of memory is a personal choice, experts agree that a one gigabyte card is the most appropriate place to start. A one gigabyte memory card will hold hundreds of even the highest quality images comfortably.

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